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We are proud to offer you the finest quality, award winning products that are inspired by kitchens across the globe. We are a small family business that manufactures tahini and spice blends with an emphasis on making products that are natural and made locally.

We love trying new flavours and experimenting with different combinations in the kitchen and we wanted to offer people unique products that can transport you to new places without having to leave your home.

If you are looking to try a new dish using tahini or to expand your spice range and experiments with new flavours then our products can help you create delicious dishes that are guaranteed to pack a punch of flavour. We want to show our customers how healthy and versatile tahini is and why it should become a staple in your kitchen. 

All of our products are locally made with no preservatives and additives. We are also passionate about sustainable packaging and our products are all in glass jars that can be reused or recycled once finished. Our products are also Halaal and Kosher certified as well as vegan.

We recently won two awards at the Aurora International Taste Challenge held in Stellenbosch. “The Aurora International Taste Challenge was established to recognise and award food and drinks excellence internationally while helping consumers purchase award-winning, expertly rated products with confidence.” Our Tahini was awarded silver in the dips category and our Dukkah was awarded gold in the Dukkah category. We are incredibly proud of this achievement as a small business. 

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who We Are 

The Old Stone Mill is a family-owned business united by a shared passion for food, unique flavours and ensuring that all our products are made from the highest quality ingredients.

Our tahini and spice blends are produced in Johannesburg by a small team that finely crafts each product together. Our team is united by a shared passion for creating high quality, versatile tahini and spice blends that will add bursts of flavour to your meals. We pride ourselves on using ingredients that are both natural and fresh.

We hope that you enjoy our products and if you have any feedback or suggestions, please get in touch with us!

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